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i was wondering, i got my morkie groomed for the first time. I pick her up today and the black on her head is completely gone? I was sooo upset! Is it going to grow white for here on out or will it eventually turn to black tips? Very confused! Will my dog eventually be all white?

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The hair color that is closest to your Morkie's skin will be the color that grows out. Our breeder had told us this when we got him. Sure enough, the black tips have never grown back - he's a blondie!

I got my Morkie groomed too and they destroyed her image. I was so upset I almost cried. It has taken her a month for her hair to grow back and is still no where near the same. The Black on her head was completely gone. It has grown back grey. She is still adorable. but not the same fluff ball she was...Im not sure if i will ever put her threw that again.

Our puppy was very gold and had black streaks when we got her - she was groomed and now is basically white. It will not grow back. Our breeder told us the same as the answer above.

Baxter was all black and tan when I got him but he has turned into silver and gray and white as he got older. Unless you plan on never cutting his hair, it is going to be something that happens regardless. They completely change from puppy to adulthood. I posted a comparison picture of him just now because people are surprised at how much he has changed. It happens, nothing you can do about it and you can't blame the groomer.

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