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The Mountain Bulldog is a cross breed between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the English Bulldog. These dogs are muscular and strong. But for those who have met them would agree that they are quite playful and friendly dogs. They are considered as a good option for families having other pets and children. They can adapt in apartments as well as large houses. The owners, however, need to take care of them during the hot climatic conditions as their heavy coat makes them suited for cold climatic conditions. Their life expectancy is between 8-13 years.

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The Mountain Bulldog is a dog which does well in a family house as they are hardworking, friendly, and protective. It is advised to get them trained early and also to socialize them early such that they may be comfortable around other pets and children. Training them is not a challenging job. Due to its Bernese parentage, they become an excellent companion after being well socialized. They are wary of strangers and become alert and go on their guard when a new face is seen. However, once assured that the new person will not harm their family, they become relaxed and also friendly with the strangers.

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22-26 inches
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80-90 lbs.
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General Health

Due to lack of official data, it becomes important to study the health issues faced by the genetic parents of the Mountain Bulldog and as they may also suffer from the same: Major Concerns Pulmonic Stenosis Hip And Elbow Dysplasia Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (Dry Eye) Minor Concerns Progressive Retinal Atrophy Cataracts Idiopathic Epilepsy

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The Mountain Bulldog is a cross breed between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the English Bulldog. The exact information regarding their origin is still unknown.

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They are a high maintenance breed as they shed a lot. The owners are advised to brush their coat at least once a week. Baths should be given only once a month as per the requirements to clean the coat from the trapped dirt. At times they develop a body odor, and owners are advised to use pet sprays after proper consultation. A mild dog shampoo should be used for their baths. They are prone to dental and gum diseases so proper brushing of their teeth should be done to remove tartar build up, so it is advised to brush their teeth thrice a week. Nails should be clipped as per the growth and ears should be checked for dirt or ear wax build up.

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Ideal Environment

These dogs love the colder climatic conditions and are more active during the winter season. Given its size, they require to be exercised for at least an hour daily. They love to go to dog parks, go on long walks during the winters and also just simply run around the yard during the winters playing in the snow. It is advised to keep them protected during the summers as due to their coats they might overheat is overexercised during the summers.

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