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The Mountain Mastiff, a very large dog and is a mix of the Mastiff and the Bernese Mountain Dog. These large dogs are intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and kind to their owners. They are perfect as guard dogs as they are wary of strangers and would do anything to protect the ones they love. Training them is not difficult as they are bright, but due to their sensitive nature, it is advised to train them gently. They are the happiest when with family and these loving dogs are the perfect family pet. Their life expectancy is between 7-12 years.

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A large and strong dog the Mountain Mastiff is loving, kind, and sensitive to its owners. They are gentle, temperamental, and good with children and other pets. They are very loyal to their owners and are wary of strangers, it is because of this caring and protective nature that the Mountain Mastiff take on a protective role when they think their owners are at risk. They should be trained with care and sensitively. Early socialization is advised. If not treated properly, there can be behavioral changes such as becoming shy, staying lonely, and ultimately becoming aggressive. Thus it is very important to love them and take care of them.

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28-38 inches.
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150-200 lbs
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General Health

The non availability of official health record data of the Mountain Mastiff makes it important to study the health issues of its parents and hence derive from there a list of health concerns regarding which the dog owners should pay close attention to. Below mentioned are some health concerns which this breed stands to be at risk to: Major Concerns Bloat Kidney Problems Von Willebrand\'s Disease Seizures Minor Concerns Hip And Elbow Dysplasia Eye Problems

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The Mountain Mastiff, a very large dog and is a mix of the Mastiff and the Bernese Mountain Dog. Though exact details of its parents are available, but specific details regarding the origin of the Mountain Mastiff are not available.

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This breed is easy to maintain. The Mountain Mastiff will shed a lot. Hence it is advised to brush their coat regularly. They do not need frequent baths and should be bathed only when necessary only with a prescribed dog shampoo. Their teeth need to be brushed at least thrice a week and nails should be clipped as and when required. While brushing their coat, it is necessary to check their ear to make sure that there has not been any dirt collected and that there is no ear infection.

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Ideal Environment

Keeping in mind that The Mountain Mastiff is an active dog they require a couple of walks daily. They also like to visit the dog park and play in the house yard with the owners. They love playing fetch and frisbee as well, so it is advisable to have an open yard for their playing. They are an active breed but do not like rigorous activities. It is important to exercise them daily as per their requirements. Otherwise, it would result in behavioral changes. Due to their large size, small apartments are not advisable for them.

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