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The Muscle Mastiff is cross between the Dogue de Bordeaux and the Mastiff. This breed has an average weight of 144 to 190 pounds once fully grown, and these dogs have strong, broad bodies and big heads. This breed, although large in size, is loving and loyal. Training them is not a challenge, and minimal grooming is required. Their life expectancy is between 8-10 years.

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This dog has a gentle, and loving nature, and is known to have a mild temperament. They are totally devoted towards the family members and at times can be described as a giant teddy bear. They have a protective nature and show patience with children. The Muscle Mastiff also gets along well with the other pets of the house. While they appear to be large and intimidating, the Muscle Mastiff, on the other hand, calm and gentle. They remain calm and do not get aggressive. It is advised to get they trained and socialized in the early years otherwise they may get stubborn. Their vigilant nature and the desire to protect the family makes them the perfect watch dog.

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27-33 inches.
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144-190 lbs
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General Health

Since a detailed health history of this breed is unavailable, below are some health issues to which the Muscle Mastiff is at risk are: Major Concerns Gastric Torsion Hip Dysplasia Heart Disease Cancer Brachycephalic Syndrome Minor Concerns Entropion Ectropion Elbow Dysplasia Progressive Retinal Atrophy Retinal Dysplasia Bloat Ichthyosis Eye conditions

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The Muscle Mastiff is cross between the Dogue de Bordeaux and the Mastiff. Though a lot is known about its parent\'s very little information is known about its origin.

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The maintenance of the Muscle Mastiff depends totally upon the type of coat it will inherit. It is advised to brush the coat at least three times a week, this will help to remove the dead hairs and also make the coat look healthy. In case they inherit the coat type of the Dogue de Bordeaux, then monthly bathing is advised. On the other hand, if they have the Mastiff coat, they would be required to be bathed more often. Their nails should be clipped once a month and teeth should be brushed at least two times a week. They like cold temperature when compared to warm ones. It is also noted that they are easy to train and learn quickly.

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Ideal Environment

They require an hour of activity everyday, and this is also necessary such that they can maintain their emotional and physical health. The recommended activities for them are, taking them for two to three short walk in the day, playing indoor or outdoor as per the climatic conditions because in warm weathers it is advised that they play indoors as they like cold climatic conditions more than warm ones. They can adjust in apartments as well provided they get the required activity and exercise time otherwise it may result in behavioral changes such as irritation and anger.

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