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yes hope you can help me or give me some ideas, my ori pei has been on 2 different steroids along with benadrys and we cant seem to help her with this problem, have tried differet dog foods and all, any ideas

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He looks like he may have food alergies, try putting him on hypoalergenic food (it's very expensive but i have seen it work very well in cases like yours.) or you can make the dogs food yourself. All you need is some boiled chicken, white rice, and either steamed or boiled vegi's. ( just make sure to keep the food bland and DON"T let him eat the chicken bones as it is dangerous for your pup) : ) good luck, I hope this helps.....

We own two of these wonderful dogs and both have itching issues mainly on their feet. Constantly licking them especially in spring and summer months. No fertilizer on grass or known irritants specific to the breed are around. Tried steroids with no improvement. Changed food multiple times too. Found that human Benedryl given daily worked miracles along with feeding Natural Balance dog food, very few table scrap and those are mostly veggies and NOTHING with added salt whatsoever. Been doing for two years with great success. Vet agrees with our course.

Another thing that has helped us relieve our pups itching feet has been to mix up a solution of water and baking soda (not baking powder) at about 4:1 water to soda ratio and wash their feet with it as needed. Seems to help and is doggie safe as we understand it so if they groom after you wash...its totally safe. Check with your vet first though...they are the pro's....not me. Don't use on broken skin though. Baking soda is an acid neutralizer. High levels of acidity from whatever source, plants, chemicals, rainwater and even the air can cause irritation...especially itchiness. If you doubt me, just put some white vinegar on your forearm, let it dry, and you will see what I'm talking about. Its a mild acid. Then, take some of the above solution and dab it on the area. Instant itch relief. And the real bonus...its a cheap remedy that works and is all natural. Win...win!


We had orei pei also who just pass week ago 12 years old, take them for allegedly test, he can be alergic to a lot of things, hopefully this helps, our was alergic to cats, and we have 2, weeds, a lot of stuff,

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