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The Paperanian can resemble the Papillon or the Pomeranian. The breed is fine boned and will be less than eleven inches tall. The ears are erect and heavily furred with the Papillons long silky fringe. The tail of the Paperanian will curl over the hind quarters with long dense fur forming into a plume. The eyes are bright with expression but dark in color. The nose is be black. The Paperanian has fuzzy culottes on its hind legs with ruff on its neck and chest. They come in all colors and are frequently parti-colored. Some may have the white blaze of the Papillon on the nose and forehead. Some may have a single coat and others will be double coated. When walked, the Paperanian is known for prancing.

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The Paperanian is loyal, friendly and spunky. It is acclimated for family life and does well with all members of the family. When properly socialized, it will do well with other dogs and children. The Paperanian is full of personality and loves attention. This breed is smart and generally will strive to please its owner. Most are known for their curiosity and love attention from owners. Training is easy when food is used as a treat. Some may have difficulties with house breaking. The Paperanian isn’t considered a yappy breed and can be trained not to bark at all aside from when a guest is at the door.

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11 inches
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4-21 pounds
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General Health

The Paperanian is generally a healthy, hardy dog.

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Most love to take baths and aren't afraid of water or being groomed. They love their owners and any attention they receive is well liked. Their hair is semi-long, but doesn't easily mat. Shedding may be reduced by frequent brushing. Most are hypoallergenic and therefore have minimal shedding.

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Ideal Environment

The Paperanian is a hardy breed acclimated to apartment or house living. It is an adventurous breed that loves meeting new people and seeing new places. Urban environments as well as the country side will make this breed happy.

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Hi, I am being offered a Paperanian couple but one is 5yrs and the other 7yrs. The owner does not feel she has the time to spend with them that they deserve and wants to give them to me. However, I am concerned about their age. How long before they start to experience health problems? They are very well cared for but how long can I expect to have them before they are no longer vibrant, active dogs? Would they be greying at 7yrs? Thank You,

I don't know very much about Poms, but there are teenaged Papillons in agility. Many small dogs (without the shortened noses) live a long time.

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