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The Pinny-Poo is a cross between the Poodle and the Miniature Pinscher. This is a very energetic breed which loves to play no matter whether it is their owners, visitors or even other pets. It has however been observed that they can be a good companion for elder kids but not younger ones. They also have the qualities of a good watch dog because of their loving nature loyalty and protective nature. It has a life expectancy of 13-15 years

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Most would agree this breed’s temperament favors the Miniature Pinscher. They are energetic, intelligent and love attention. Some are known to be diggers.

The Pinny-Poo makes for an ideal family companion because of its loving nature and cuddliness. They can suffer from anxiety if they are left alone frequently and for long intervals as they love to be around the family. They are an intelligent breed which once trained can learn tricks which can keep the entire family busy for hours. Not only this but their loyalty and loving nature makes them the perfect lap dogs, as all they want is love. The Pinny-Poo also makes for a good, but it is important to introduce them to guests as they are not fond of strangers

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10-18 inches.
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6-10 pounds
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General Health

There are often arguments that the mixed genetics in hybrid dogs often reduces the health risks, these arguments however do not have any scientific proof and also come with a flipside possibility that the laws of genetics on the one hand can diminish as well as amplify the health issues. Below are some health problems to which the Pinny-Poo can be at risk to as their parents suffer from the same, as no exact official data is available: Major Concerns Patellar Luxation Sebaceous Adenitis Addison\'s Disease Mitral Valve Dysplasia Minor Concerns Entropion Ectropion Color Dilution Alopecia

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The Pinny-Poo is a cross between the Poodle and the Miniature Pinscher and not a lot of its history and time of origin is known.

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If the Pinny-Poo favors the Poodle, it may require weekly brushing to prevent its hair from matting. This breed is hypoallergenic.

Most of the Pinny-Poo owners take their dogs for professional grooming for their coat in a few months interval. Owners themselves have to brush their coat daily in order to maintain it. It is always advisable to bathe them after a few weeks using a mild dog shampoo approved by the veterinarian, it is during these baths that one must clean their ears as well. It is also advised to trim their nails once a month.

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Ideal Environment

This breed needs atleast one hour of activity every day. This ensures that they do not get bored and also helps in keeping them fit. It has been observed that when they do not get enough physical activity and exercise, they can develop behavioral problems such as chewing the items around the house and excessive barking. As they are excellent in learning tricks and when they are small, you can play fetch inside the house with them as well. Being such active dogs, they like to be taken for brisk walks, visiting the park to play with other dogs, go swimming, playing catch and also simply just running around the yard at times.

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