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The Pom Terrier, a small dog, is a cross between the Toy Fox Terrier and the Pomeranian. These inquisitive dogs will not want to miss a single opportunity to be with their owners they will follow wherever you go. They are a loyal and affectionate breed which can be stubborn at times, making their training a little difficult. Their average life expectancy is 12-16 years.

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This breed is smart, curious, intelligent, full of life, and intelligent. They can be stubborn at times, which can be addressed by training and socializing them early. Wary of strangers they will bark to warn the owners if they see something new, as their sharp eyes barely miss anything, making them a good watchdog. A good family dog which gets along well with children, however, it is advised to supervise when with small children as they do not like interference with their food. As long as they get their daily exercise and activity, they are apt for apartments. It is advised to take care of them during cold climates as they might need an extra coat. Otherwise, they do well in mild and hot climatic conditions.

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10-11 inches
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3-7 lbs
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General Health

As no concrete data regarding the Pom Terrier’s health is available, a close study of its genetic parents revels below some health problems to which the Pom Terrier can be at risk to: Major Concerns Patellar Luxation Demodectic Mange Von Willebrand\'s Disease Hyperthyroidism Legg-Calve Perthes Disease Minor Concerns Cataracts Eye Disease and Disorder Food Allergies

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A cross between the Toy Fox Terrier and the Pomeranian, not many details are available of their exact origin.

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The maintenance of this breed totally depends upon the type of coat it inherits. The coat will require to be brushed every alternate day to keep it in good health and removing loose hairs and to avoid tangles. Professional grooming is advised to keep your dogs\' coat is good condition. They do not require frequent baths, and it is advised to use a mild dog shampoo after consultation. Ears should be checked for any dirt which may cause infections. It is advised to brush their teeth at least three times a week as they are prone to tooth problems. Trim the nails as and when required.

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Ideal Environment

They are an active breed which requires 30-45 minutes of daily exercise. Most of this is achieved by following the owners around the house. These exercise sessions can be broken down into three smaller sessions. Their activity or exercise can be in the form of walks around the neighborhood or visits to the dog park. While on walks around the neighborhood, keep them on a leash or they might run after smaller animals as a result of the hunting instincts inherited from the Terrier parent. These dogs like going swimming and playing with toys. They adapt to mild and hot climatic conditions but need an extra layer of coat in winters.

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