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Hello my pom is just a year old Im wanting to switch to adult food what is the best brand of food for him and how much should he be feed twice a day? He is 15lbs My vet says hes not fat he stocky so any help would be great thanks

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No real reason to over feed your pet, especially a pom. once a day is more than enough. Just keep water around as far as adult food i would check the internet. i never owned a toy before but from what i've read the differences as far as care are small and breed specific. i hope this helps some and good luck with you pet.

Your best bet is to ask your vet what they recommend,most likely they have it in their clinic.When in doubt feed your dog Science Diet,it is always nutritious and unlike many others,it has yet to be recalled or have bone fragments like some others that your dog can get caught in his throat. I switched from a wellness brand because of these bone fragments,they are fish bones,look carefully at the ingredients in any dog or pet food before you buy it ,hope this helped,God bless you and your furbaby.

Feed twice a day A good dog food like Solid gold and feed it about 12 grams - add carrot sticks or spinach to diet Changing food directions on bag of dry food - little at a time untill fully switched over to new brand.

You can start feeding your dog adult food as soon as you "fix" them. The puppy food tends to put weight on them after they've been fixed. They are such high energy dogs, they'll lose any extra pounds in no time. My 1st Pom was very finicky and didn't like any of the expensive brands...they are so high in fat and oils. My vet and a friend of mine who runs an animal rescue both told me that Pedigree dog food is one of the best. After trying every expensive food the pet store had, I tried Pedigree and she loved it. I rescued her from a trash can when she was 7 and she lived to be 16. I have a new Pom and again asked the vet if there was anything better. He told me I can't do better than Pedigree. They get all the nutrients they need without the extra price, plus I can buy it anywhere. They also donate proceeds to shelter animals...where I found my new little friend.

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