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Hi, I just bought an all white Pomeranian, 8 Months old. I know that Poms should have a curled tail. But I'm kind of curious why my Poms tail is mostly down and looks like scared when people gets near him. I hardly see his tail all curled up in the back. What causes this? Anyone have the same problem? This is my 2nd Pomeranian. The other is 4 yrs old sable brown and his tail is always curled up.

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My pom will usually put his tail down when he's scared or feels that he's done something wrong. In some cases, he keeps it down when he's tired. I'd get a check-up with your vet on that. Mention that your pom is acting a bit strange. They should be able to tell if your dog is sick. If not, that might just be your dog's thing!

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