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Hi, we have a 20wk old sibe and had him since he was11wks, he has still a runny stool, we have him on hard Fromm puppy gold and now we are mixing with the Fromm adult, and he still has a runny stool, any help?

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We had a lot of problems getting our Husky's stool regulated. After trying multiple premium brand dog foods, Nutro for Sensitive Stomachs is the ONLY thing we have found that will give her stool any form. To help when changing the food, mix in a spoonful of plain yogurt or pure canned pumpkin to help soothe its stomach!

Try to give him boiled ground beef (lean) with rice (no spices) for couple of days, twice a day. Beef with rice always helps. Huskies have very sensitive stomach. I had problem with my husky when he was little too. Right know he is almost five and it got better. Also, I would recommend to put Wellactin on his dry food. That helps for his stomach problems and also for his coat. My vet recommnded Wellactin for my dog and I love it.

You could also try a raw food diet. It worked wonders for mine.

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