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I am considering getting Husky as my first dog. Is this a good breed for someone with little to no dog experience and who also has two cats at home? Can I be assured that a dog raised with cats will not attack them?

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Yes a husky can be a great first pet. But know what you are getting into. It will need alot of attention and no you cannot be assured. While most will not you cannot ever know for sure. If you have alot of time to train it and excercise then yes it would be great! They do like to dig holes in yards and be destructive. They are well known escape artists as well. Just research!

I have hamsters and as soon as I got a husky I made sure to introduce them to her as part of her pack. She now looks upon it as a privlage to see the hamsters and is always willing to let them walk around on her. She still sometimes gets carried away and sees them as treats and nips at them but she gets scolded and remembers that they are not to be eaten.Just make sure to introduce your husky to the cat regularly.

A friend of mine did have a cat who was eaten but my friends husky did pretty well with his hamster.

Make sure you research the breed first as huskies are not suitable for everyone. You need to be willing to give alot of your time up to care and excercise the dog. I would never trust a husky alone with a cat or smaller animals.

I have had 3 Huskies over the years and never had problems with other animals. You will need to spend a lot of time with a Husky. They can tear up carpet, pillows, or anything if left alone and get bored. They are escape artist. They can climb fences or dig under them. They will explore the planet if given the chance, and may or may not come home if able to roam. As a first dog.....Only if you can devote the time.

For useful information about buying Huskies you can check: http://thehusky.info/?page_id=34 Hope it'll help you to make the right decision about buying the Husky.

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