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I currently have two smaller dogs (pomeranian x poodle) at home, and am getting a husky this September. The two smaller dogs are not well socialized, and tend to bark a lot when then see other dogs when taken for a walk. How best should I introduce the husky to the other dogs?

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You don't want your dogs to hurt each other, so it's best if you have them on a leash, you need a couple of peopl to help. Just 3. Have each person hold the dogs. Let them sniff or do what they want. If they get used to each other let them go closer and closer. If not, you should keep them apart but let them sniff each other every day, until you feel they are ok.

When we tried to introduce our husky to our Great Dane we put the Great dane on a leash but that only made him more exited and aggrovated so he started to nip at her. later on we just let her outside with them and only watched though she was afraid of him she eventually went up to him and they sniffed each other.It only took about a week or two until they were best friends. Just make sure to watch for them trying to establish dominance they won't get into fights they'll just nip at each other but you have to show them all who's boss or it could ge out of hand.

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