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I do not know the owner of this puppy. I found a picture of it on facebook and I was left puzzled, wondering what breed he/she could possibly be. I have never seen anything like it. I'm very interested to find out what it is and how it looks fully grown, maybe even adopt one if it is right for me. Could you please help me figure out what breed or mix it is? I've asked on yahoo answers but no one will answer. Thank you very much for your time! I don't think it is a golden retriever, unless it is mixed with a poodle.... but its back seems short and legs look stocky. Here is the picture: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a96/I_luff_gummibears/random/Whattypeofdog.jpg

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unfortunately your picture didn't upload, or at least not that I am able to see. Also, need more details; color, approx. height and weight, etc.

Hi. It looks like Slovakian cuvac. It can be spelled kuvacz. This dog is similar to retriever but its more territorial and very protective of owners , their families and their house. Hope this helps

looks like english creme golden retriever

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