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I have a pure bred black 4 year old Pomeranian named Charlie, when he was six moths old, he was more of a reddisg black, but then he turned pure black, but now some of the red is returning and he`s getting some silver in his fur. Why is this?

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Could be related to the dogs environment. If the dog is in the sun a lot the coat can change colors especially with your darker colors like blacks Black and Tans and diluted colors of black or ble. Also Poms have a wide variety of color and it's true coat cor will not be.completely revealed until it is completely done going through the puppy uglies and finished blowing it's coat. Usually 3-7 months will be the worst and will be full coated 8--12 months old, however a Poms coat will get even fuller with age. There coat will get thicker by 3 years of age and may contine to especially if spayed or neutered. Hope this was helpful!

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