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I inherited the brother of my Siberian Husky two months ago. They are 8 years old and from the same litter. Both were also recently neutered. Since being in my house, the dogs have got into several fights.I understand the pack mentality and the need to establish a hierachy but I have been unable to control the fights. Tonight, one of the dogs is at the vet. I am ready to throw in the towel and find a new home for the husky that we "inherited" from my late father-in-law. My husband says they need more time. I am concerned about the safety of my 3 children ages, 6,3 and 1 who might get caught in the middle of one of these frays. Thought? Advice?

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Have you ever tried wachting the "Dog Whisper" on animal planet. I've used almost all of his techniqes on my dog and it acts just wonderfully aroundother dogs!

Limit their time together for when you are able to supervise. Gate them apart for awhile. Try to observe for food/toy/attention agression as triggers. If the contention is for dominance, it may take awhile for them to settle it. If both were raised in only dog households, they may not settle in at this age.

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