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I live in a neigborhood and have a 7 year old and an 8 month old newfy. The older one does not need any type of fence as he only meets and greets anyone that passes and never leaves the yard. The 8 month old has the same disposition EXCEPT he will run across the road if someone is walking their dog and my fear is he'll get hit--Fence is not an option in my neighborhood--What are the thoughts of invisible fencing for a newfy ??---I'm afraid it may cause them to be timid or scared as they are so laid back. Thanks

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My brother has a pitbull and he has an electric fence. The dog will never go anywhere near the property line. I have a newf that laughed at the fence. He just walked right through it and looked back when it started shocking him and he sat down like it was a nice massage to his neck. Now granted he loves to get his neck rubbed. With the pitbull the fence was turned on 1/2 power. We turned it up to 8 which is audible alarm starts at 6 feet and then the shock increases the closer the dog gets. When the dog passes the fence the shick coninues at max until he returns through it. My dog thought it was nothing more than a cool little toy. Newfs have a lot of fat around th eneck area. Shock collars and fences react to the muscle. You'd have to tput the collar on to tight to get it to sit at a muscle area. I am only speaking from my experience here as my female does not even need a fence she would rather lie around all day.

I have a 2 yr old newfie, she trained on our invisible fence very quickly at age 8 mos, she never leaves the yard, it's great!!! She had no problems at all.

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