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Is it ok to shave my pomeranian?

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I do, because in the summertime she just gets too hot with all that fur! She loves having a haircut and jumps around like a puppy when its done. Because her fur grows VERY fast, I have her clipped twice a year if not more. Hope this helps you.

That's fine, I wouldn't recommend it if you plan on entering any dog shows because the coat will never be quite the same. but if you shave just the top coat, it should be fine.

I do, but I have her cut with scissors. The groomer said it's better with their undercoat. My dog starts acting mopey when her hair starts growing. I get her cut every 3 or 4 months and she loves it when she gets a trim. Her hair is only about a centimeter long in the summer. She LOVES it!!!! She looks like a little wolf pup! Make sure you find a good groomer if you're going to cut your dog that short. It's very easy to nip their skin, and you can see it since their hair is so short...not to mention how uncomfortable a cut or razor burn would be for them.

No. It will wreck it`s fur. A Pomeranian`s fur dosn`t grow back as good looking as it was befor it was shaved.

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