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My family has a miniature American Eskimo. We are thinking about adopting a 8 week old siberian husky. If they are raised from very young, do you think they will be fine and get along or do you think when the husky gets older, he may attack our MAE?

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Hi- I think they would be great together- Siberians are super friendly and if raised from a pup with cats, smaller, dogs, etc- they should grow up very bonded and will not care about larger size later. A puppy is a must, because alot of siberian's think of smaller animals as prey- if not raised together. I have cats and a 9 pound chihuahua/jack russell mix and got my 2nd siberian at 6 weeks- the same size as my little dog and they love each other sooo much. My siberian now weighs 78 pounds and still delicately wrestles and cuddles his tiny best friend and likes the cats. He is very gentle with her and never is mean- go for it !

Thank you so much for your response! I appreciate it. I do believe that they will bond well as long as the Siberian is a pup too! He is actually 6 1/2 weeks old now. We adopt him at 8 weeks. Very excited! Thank you again!

I think that everything will be ok if both dogs will be rised from youth. If you need more information about Siberian Huskies you can visit my website: http://thehusky.info/ hope that all will find something suitable here.

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