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My male newfie is 25 weeks old today. All ay he is lovely but in the evening he goes crazy,nipping and biting. We say no and have tried ignoring him,yelping and putting him in another room but nothing works. What can we do?

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hehehe, wait till he is 52 weeks and still doing the same. The Newf acts like you do. If your very outgoing the dog will be, if your a couch potatoe the dog will be. A newf is always seeking approval and attention until they get too big and really could care less what you think. What you can do is just ignore him even when you are home and he will think you could care less. It sounds mean but if you give him attention only when you want to give him attention he will go off and do other things and not be craving the attention so much when you walk in the door. I have done this with success in training a malmute.

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