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My newfie puppy is approx. 9/12 months old. Since we purchased him at 3 months old, he really isn't a big eater. He grazes at his food and eats EVO pure meat diet, occasionally thru the day. I don't really know what a almost 10 month old male newfie should weigh, he weighs 90 pounds and seems to be "Slowing down" on the heighth growth. I know he shouldn't be growing too fast, but I am wondering what the average newfie weighs at his age. To me, he looks "Lanky", his father at adulthood was 175 and his mother was 120. I read that they will continue to grow unitl 18 months old, but is that just the filling out? I measured his height yesterday at 25 inches tall.

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male newfie should weigh about 130-150 lbs

my male nwfie just turned a year old and he is just over 100 pounds. He looks alittle lanky too but i have been told they dont become full grown for 3 years

He's not too far off from the standard. What you can try is changing his diet or adding some soup to his food.

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