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My pomeranian is 8 months old and he has a habit of howling at night.How can I stop him doing this?

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I really don't know what to tell you. but my pom barks A LOT and i mean ALOT when she hears people at the door or thinks she hears people at the door haha!! What i am starting to do is when she barks at people when they come to the door is i put her in the bathroom and shut the door. It sounds mean but it seems to be working, because they hate it when they are isolated. I hate doing it but its effective. My pom does not howl, but she actually did the other day when i was singing. I was doing the La la la la la la la...haha!! and i kept going higher and she started howling when i went really high, and she had never howled before!! I thought it was so cute so i recorded it haha!! But it was funny. But you can try that. Does your pom howl at the moon or something. Anyways thats all i can think of but good luck. I personally think poms sound adorable when they howl haha because their so little. How old is your pom mine is 1 years young!!

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