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Our Pom is a little over a year old- he eats -drinks -is a whirlwind of energy- His nose was black as in the online photo with the Police figure- we noticeed his nose is turning pinkish now? Could it be from one plastic dish or sticking his nose in the winter snow? He's supervised when in the yard to do his business. All his bowls are stainless & we tossed the palstic dish.

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My malti-poos nose started getting lighter after about a year of age. I asked the vet and they said that this happens to some dogs - nothing weird.

Snow nose or winter nose is a (most often) temporary loss of pigment in the center of the nose. A pink to brown light stripe appears in the center of the nose, with the edges remaining black. The nose returns to full black color during the longer daylight months. Snow nose is more common in light and white-coated breeds.

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