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Please help me. We cannot hold or pet our 9 wek old pom because she won't stop biting and growling.

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If you have not taken her to a vet, please do. At this age they should be loving and dependent upon you. Do you have children that are young? They could make the pup nervous. There are things (abscess, bound up fur) that could be causing the pup to act this way. Is the dog from a breeder contact them with your questions. The most loving thing you can do for a pet you adopt (wasn't born in your home) is know about the person/breeder it is arriving from. How the animal was treated before arriving with you is crucial to current behavior. Please take the dog to a reputable vet. You certainly can afford it. No one takes on the responsibility of the life and soul of a helpless animal unless they can. That wouldn't be right. If you can't afford it, you need to find someone who can and give the animal a decent start in life. I know you love your little pal. Give them all the love and care you would any family member. You will be rewarded beyond belief. Good luck!

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