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We are the proud owner of a male newfie, just recently we were gone. And left him outside to play. We live in city limits, but he does have area to run. He pulled out of his collar and introduced himself to one of the city insepectors. They are determined to deem him a vicous dog. Is the breed vicous at all?

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It's just due to there size. I have a male that barks at everything coming down the street and people are scared once they see how big he is. They are protective dogs but will never bite. What I would do if I were you is take your dog to a school and let kids play with him and see him. They are jumpy at pups so you gotta watch that but have him lay down while the kids rub his belly or that. The go to the city and say I just had him in a playground with kids he is in no way viscious. Before doing this take him to a vet and have him checked over, you never know if there is a bad hip or something and maybe the inspector touched it or what have you. A newf uses his size and weight to protect, he will jump up on someone even pull them to the ground but never bite.

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