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We have a pom that is about 3 years old and he still has a bad habit of not being consistent with this potty training. If we are home with him he's usually pretty good, however when he and our other dog are here alone he doesn't seem to hesitate to relieve himself. Any suggestions?

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Well, I suggest that you should not hesitate to give him rewards when being good. But also this problem may root from not taking him to relieve himself much or it could be a lack of something in his diet. Thanks for asking:)

You may want to leave him some toys to play with when you're gone, if you don't already. He may have separation anxiety.

I have a 6 1/2 year old pom and he did this for the first 4 years of his life. Poms and I m going to assume all dogs love love a schedule. Ever since he has been getting walking 2x day for 20 min.(7,30 am and 11pm) and is sent out in the yard to do his business at 1 pm and again at 5 pm. We do this every day, at the same time, including holidays and weekends and he has stopped being comfortable about doing in the house....if the dog is left wondering, hmm...when are they going to let me go out again, then he will go then and there. Yes it was hard at first to keep this schedule, but after a while you don t even think about and your pom will adore you like never before.

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