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We have an approx 7 month old newfie mix and I just wondered if it is common for them to loose their puppy fur? He has lost alot of his beautiful, long, shiny, silky fur. Is this common or should I take him in to the vet or change his dog food?

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You should bring it to the vet just to be safe. But it could be due to the mix. Occassionally, a dog will shed. But not this much. He should grow in a new coat as soon as you change his food

I have a 6 month AKC newfie and he is doing the same thing. We use an all natural lamb & rice puppy food and he weighs 68 lbs. So, he is thin looking and is losing his "fluffy" hair... But, from what I understand this all is normal. (I, too, was very upset) I am told he should "fill out" by the time he's a year & will also grow an "adult" coat that is thicker. I think this is a "pre-teen" stage of awkwardness just as we humans have ~ you know, in middle school. :)

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