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What do you suggest for itching/hot spots,probably allergies, although no testing has been done.

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I suggest a special spray from the pet store or just try natural sprays. Blessings =)

My golden retriever use to itch a lot. So much she would make her skin raw. I tried medicated shampoo from the pet store. I bath her often in it. Shes fine now.

I recommend natural sprays and natural shampoos, also make sure you are gentle enough when grooming.

mine had those too. but we changed her dog food and within 2 weeks they were almost gone.

Itchy skin can be caused for a lot of different reasons, so the first step is to determine what is making the dog itchy. The treatment would vary depending on the cause:- Check for fleas and ticks. That is the first and easiest thing to do.- Make sure you are not bathing the dog too often. More than once a month is probably too often since that would dry out the dog's skin and make it itchy.- Does your dog like sitting in from of the fireplace or heating vents for long periods of time? That could be drying out its skin too.- Is your dog a "nervous digger"? I have known of dogs who scratch until they hurt themselves when they are nervous or anxious. You need to observe your dog's behavior really close.- If none of the above is the case, it could be a food allergy. I hope that is not the case, because trying to discover what is causing the allergy is a long and tiring process. You need to cut out all treats, human food, etc, and put the dog on a special diet that he has never had before, like duck and potato, or venison and oatmeal. Most vets sell that type of food, or you can fix it yourself. If that clears up the allergy, you start introducing one new item in the dogs food at a time and see if the allergies come back. It takes forever, since the allergies take about 2 to 3 weeks to clear up after a change of diet, and 2 to 3 to reappear after a new item has been introduced again. Hopefully you'll find what's causing your dog's problem and have a happy baby again. Good luck!

I have a golden that gets hot spots several times a year. The hot spot area must be shaved and cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. There are several brands of spray that can be bought at places like Petco that will relieve the itching. Buy some it really helps! I also buy Benadryl allergy tablets, follow directions on box, give only one pill. The hotspot is a allergic type of reaction and the Benadryl works in this direction. The Vet treatment is expensive. I talked this over with my Vet and she approved. The hotspot will go away in about a week with this kind of treatment.

Buy a small jar of Dinovite and try it for a couple of weeks. If it works put your dog on a maintenance program with it. If it doesn't work, try diet change. OBTW, insure that your flea and tick treatment is being effect, some dogs have an allergic readtion to flea bites and if it can be chewed or tongued that will worsen the problem.

don't give her chicken meat.....will cause itching and hair lose.... give her lamb and beef

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