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Would a newfoundland be a good pet for a 12 year old boy

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A newfy is the best dog on the planet for children so yes he would make a excellent dog for a 12 year old

I have a litter of 3 pups at moment, children of all ages are in and out of my home constantly. The pups will be 8 weeks old the last week of February and they adore children. I have had Newfs since my son was 3, and wouldn't hesitate to place with any family. They are naturally protective and the most amazing dogs I have ever owned.

Absolutely, they will love each other.I have a 7 mth newfie and 2 children and they get on really well.My newfie tends to play rough at times with my little son but when we are out walking in the forest if my son goes behind a tree and Harvey (newfy) can't see him he just whines until he sees him again.And the reunion is as if they havn't seen each other for days!!

I have a very rambuctious 2 year old that loves to rough house .our newfie will just lay there and even thow she towers over our son she is so gentle with him .

100%. Newfs are often reffered to as nanny dogs

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