Photo Hi! I have a chocolate and tan Pomchi! She will be 3 in September, I have thought about trying to br
Photo my pomchi i just got her and when i leave her with husben for 5 hrs to go work she crys for me untel

Hi there, My pomchi did the exact same thing when we first got him. He is very connected to me. He did slowly start to get better, however he still does have little breakdowns when I leave only last

Photo why would my 4 yr old pomchi male dog always scratching and he chews himself raw we have too cats wo

We have a pomchi also and ours did the same thing. We feed him food and treats that has no corn products in them and it went away

Photo My pomchi is constantly giving my 2 other small breed dogs a butt shove in the head or face. What is

I have a Pomchi puppy, about 6 months old, and a golden retriever... our pom does the same thing when she is playing with the big dog. I def do not think it's anything other than playing, maybe even a

Photo Hello! I have a 5 year old pomchi who I adopted about 4 months ago. He is fantastic. Almost immedia

You both sleep in a bathroom on a pile of clothes? Huge problem. Go back to sleeping in your bed and kennel your dog at night.

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