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is there anything that I can put in my siberian huskies' (1 yr. old) dog house for her to sleep on that she will not tear apart?

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No .. haha, not really... straw is the only thing for a husky.

nope, we put hay

I love reading stuff like this! The answer is probably not! Although I have to say mine just loves her blanket - although it is torn from one end to the other. Well maybe she is telling me that she hates it. I will try to get a different color next time.

no you can put anything down cause they are like goats and eat anything and everything!!!

I use a regular mat for the kennel, and my husky hasn't torn it up yet. He is two now. He has a dog bed he started to eat on it, but I trained him not to so when I bought him a new one and it still like new.

I have a male siberian husky that doesnt tear any of his toys up.

cedar or white oak shavings

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