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my husky/lab mix has recently died and i am thinking of gettin a purebreed husky! i have a chihuahua and a cat i live on 4 acres and i have an fenced in area that my old dog stayed in. do you think that this would be a great idea to bring a fullblood husky in

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It might be dangerous if the husky was ever outside on the 4 acres with the cat and chihuahua. They are predatory animals and while they can usually get along with smaller animals indoors, the gloves are off when they get outside. My old husky was a very friendly dog and he was completely tolerant of our cat, but one day the cat got too close to the food bowl while he was eating, and he bit the cat on the head which killed it almost instantly.

I have had huskies for 40 years and they have killed every animal that has come in the yard except a very tiny dog that squeezed through the fence. This includes opossums, cats, squirrels, birds, skunks, well you get the picture. So be very careful with other animals outdoors. Inside is a bit different.

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