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my newfie is 8 months only ways 60 lbs and is and stands1 5-17 inches tall .. I am disapointed that my large breed is not turning out to be a large breed buy any means.. Should the breeder assume any responsability for the incredible deviation from the large breed i thought I was buying?

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no some dogs are big , some are small , you know.... like humans !!

10 Lbs per month for the first year is about average. Did you see the parents ? Less than 120 lbs in a male is unusual and i would not be beyond discussing that with a quailified breeder. These dogs do not come cheaply.....

I had one newf that was under weight. I fed him leverything for 2 weeks and he gained 15 pounds. He looked better, alot fuller but it's like a person. If your too skinny you can fatten yourself up but if your healthy and skinny then thats all that matters. PS. I brought the dog back down to his 6 cups 3 times a day and he lost the extra weight and was more playful and active after doing so.

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