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my pomchi i just got her and when i leave her with husben for 5 hrs to go work she crys for me untell i come home how can we make her not do that or will she grow out of that in time?

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Hi there, My pomchi did the exact same thing when we first got him. He is very connected to me. He did slowly start to get better, however he still does have little breakdowns when I leave only lasting for 15mins or so. I spoke with my trainer and she also said it was a good idea to have my husband to continue to build a connection with him. Also when I get home from work I don't pay attention to him for the first 10mins and he's calmed down a little more. Now we're working on crate training for when we're out of the house...and that is a real treat! Best of luck!

I think the dog whisperer would recommend for your husband not to give attention during the whining as it just tells the dog that it has a reason to whine but if your husband would reinforce the dog the second it stops the crying, it will tell the dog that is the behavior you want. Also I recommend not giving the dog any attention before you walk out the door. If you do, that tells the dog that it is the time to start whining. Just get your belongings and walk out the door without saying good bye to the dog. Good luck.

We got our little guy a nice size canvas crate with a solid top and widows all around he loves it!! when I have to leave the house for a short time he knows he gets zipped in and is getting more and more used to it! I take him on a potty break first, as he does not like tose accidents in his crates!!! He is a cry baby by nature but this really seems to help out!!

The same thing happened to us. I️ was Warned by the rescue that he had a tendency to get attached to one person and then growl if another family member touched his favorite person. At first I️ was the favored person. Then my husband started walking our pomchi (Thor) and running sprints with him. Thor had so much fun with the hubby that he switched favorite people right away. Now he is on my lap until hubby comes home and then he changes to hubby as his favorite. Just give your Pomchi time to know and have fun with your husband.

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