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we own a 2yr old female shiba inu w/ an excellent temperament. we have 4 children ages 14,12,9,7 and we would love a female siberian puppy. would you recommend this breed for our household?

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I have 2 children, 5 and 2 yo. Dakota, our female Siberian is fantastic with our children. I couldn't ask for a better dog with children. Beware though they are runners and they are also escape artist.

yes for the kis. there great with kids, but be sure you are ready for this breed. they need a lot of attention.

Well lets just say " I hope your shiba inu likes to play." Everytime I take my Husky to the dog park, she doesnt stop. And the minute I tell her its time to go - she darts the other direction and goes back to playing with her friends. She is just like a kid. With that in mind...they are great with kids. The expericence that I have had -this bread doesnt cling to one person in the faimly. They will love every single one of your family members. They also will need know who the Alpha is - you just have to show them.

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