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The Pooda Houla is a dog which is labeled as a companion dog and loved the company and attention of its owners. It comes from a crossbreed between Poodle and Catahoula Leopard Dog. It is advised not to leave the dog unsupervised out in the open, and it does not like to be left alone for long intervals. Their life expectancy is between 12-15 years

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Even though large in size, the dog is a companion dog and enjoys the attention and company of its family. The Poodle genes make them playful and curious by nature. They make a great playmate and are neither shy nor aggressive, making them ideal for playing with children. However, unlike its Poodle parent and other Poodle crossbreeds, the Pooda Houla needs to be socialized at an early stage as they are not very pet friendly and socializing them would help them live in harmony with others. They are an intelligent breed which is not very difficult to train, but training is advised at an early age for them.

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14-15 inches.
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20-45 lbs
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General Health

With some evidence it must be noted that the Pooda-Houla owners must keep a close eye in the below mention health concerns for their beloved dog: Major Concerns Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV) or Bloat Hip Dysplasia Minor Concerns Cataracts Patellar Luxation Addison\'s Disease Von Willebrand\'s Disease Idiopathic Epilepsy Glaucoma

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A cross between the Poodle and Catahoula Leopard Dog, the origins are unknown.

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The Poodle parent is extremely popular for hybrids as it has the capability to produce hypoallergenic qualities in the offspring. The Pooda Houla does not shed a lot from its coat, but if the coat of the Pooda Houla resembles that of a Poodle, then it requires to be brushed frequently for proper cleaning of the coat. And as the hair of the Pooda Houla grows continuously it is advised to take them for frequent professional cuts. It is advised to clean their ears with a hypoallergenic pet wipe or a veterinarian approved solution such as to reduce the chances of ear infections. Their nails should be cut at least once a month and it is recommended to brush their teeth twice a month.

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Ideal Environment

The Pooda Houla is not suited for apartment-style living. Being an active dog, they love the outdoors and need at least an hour of exercise on a daily basis. These exercises can be divided into smaller sessions and not a single session. Their exercises and activities can be in the form of a couple of walks, playing in the backyard and other low-intensity games and activities. It is advised not to leave them unsupervised while they are playing outdoors. They favor a warmer climate more over colder climates. However, they do not like extreme climatic conditions due to the fur coat which they have, making them uneasy and uncomfortable and also at times leading to behavioral changes.

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