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The Poolky is a designer cross breed between the Poodle and the Silky Terrier. It is also known by the name of Silky-Poo. Most of the time the Poodle parent is small in size such that the Poolky offspring would also be small in size. This breed is extremely loyal, affectionate, and does not like being left alone. They are very playful and active during the day and love to cuddle at night. Being a small dog, it adapts itself to apartment living. It has a life expectancy of 12-15 years.

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The Poolky is an affectionate dog which is very playful during the day, at times becoming mischievous but they settle down well at night cuddling the owners. It loves the family members so much that it follows them from room to room in the house. However the genes of the Silky Terrier make it a little stubborn and also give it a prey drive, so it becomes important for them to be socialized early with the other pets, cats and dogs to improve relationships. The breed requires to be consistently trained. Apart from this, they are a very alert breed and not very stranger friendly.

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9-15 inches.
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8-20 lbs.
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General Health

There are often arguments that the mixed genetics in hybrid dogs often reduces the health risks, these arguments, however, do not have any scientific proof and also come with a flipside possibility that the laws of genetics, on the one hand, can diminish as well as amplify the health issues. Below are some health problems to which the Poolky can be at risk to as their parents suffer from the same, as no exact official data is available: Major Concerns Hip Dysplasia Mitral Valve Disease Periodontal Disease Minor Concerns Patellar Luxation Cataracts Von Willebrand\'s Disease Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

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The Poolky is a designer cross breed between the Poodle and the Silky Terrier. The exact time of their origin is still unknown.

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The Poolky inherits on a lot of Poodle coat qualities, such as its tendency to be hypoallergenic. It is necessary to take your dog for haircuts such as to keep a soft and tangle free coat. The advantage of having a silky, soft coat is that it becomes easier to clean coat. It is advised not to give them frequent baths, but whenever bathed a mild dog shampoo should be usedonly once you have consulted with a veterinarian.

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Ideal Environment

The small hybrid that it is, the Poolky has moderate energy levels, they like to play run outside during the day, However keeping their size in mind they make most of the activity/exercise time with their daily indoor activities. The qualities which the Poolky gets from the Terrier make it restless if not given the proper activity time resulting in behavioral issues such as digging and chewing on household items. All they require is the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation. Just in case you have a yard, it is advised to supervise your dog as they enjoy digging and might try to find a way out.

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