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Their hair is short and wiry. Most have the ears of the Poodle and the body of the Greyhound. They can come in a variety of colors, such as black, white, grey, brown, red, parti, and even brindle. Their feet are small, with relatively long legs, and stocky in the body. Their eyes are rounded, bright, and alert.

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They are loving towards people and other animals. They shy away when a strong voice is used in discipline. They are eager to please and strive for their owner’s approval. They are very smart and good at problem solving. Some may be hyper and jump. These dogs need the proper amount of exercise, as the Greyhound in them makes them love to run. However, they are easily trained, and are fast learners. Some do not get on well with children, as excessive noise and activity unnerves them. Some can be very combative with other dogs, regardless of their opponent's size. Others of this breed just shake it all off. As with all dogs, the environment and how they are handled makes a great deal of difference.

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9-14 pounds
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General Health

Depending on the dog's heritage, these are hardy animals. Poodles are bred to be hunters, and Italian Greyhounds are runners. Given the normal shots, dental care, worming, exercise, and a nutritious diet, this dog will live to a considerable age.

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Very simple grooming is required, because of the wiry, stand-off coat. Some light trimming around the face, feet, and under the tail is usually all that it needed. If desired, a once-a-year full coat clip in the spring can be done. They are usually quite easy to groom, with the well-known Poodle fear of having the feet trimmed. Patience and gentleness will overcome this quickly. They are a very clean animal.

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Ideal Environment

This is an ideal inside dog, as their short wiry coats aren’t good for extreme weather. They need a surprising amount of exercise. Long walks, runs, and biking are all solutions to providing a sufficient amount of exercise. Some owners are known to use a treadmill in the winter. Training is a must-these are very intelligent animals, and must be challenged.

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