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A small, friendly and loyal pet, the Pug-Coton is a cross between the Coton de Tulear and the Pug. They do not shed much, even though they have long hair. An intelligent and easily trainable breed they like to be around family members and do great with children as well. Their activity requirements are not much, and he can adapt to the environment of an apartment and even a house with a yard. They have a life expectancy of 11-16 years.

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The Pug-Coton is a loyal dog who loves his family. A very intelligent breed, they learn tricks very easily. It is advised to keep toys around them such that do not get bored. Training the Pug-Coton is not a difficult task as they are intelligent and learn things quickly. However, what has been observed is that females are more stubborn than the male. If left alone for long intervals of time, the Pug-Cotons tend to suffer from separation anxiety, and they quickly bond with the family.

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8-12 inches.
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22 pounds
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General Health

As there is a lack of documented data regarding their health issues, it is advised that the health conditions of its genetic parents be kept in mind and the owners observe their pet carefully for the below mentioned health conditions: Major Concerns Demodectic Mange Patellar Luxation Epilepsy Hip Dysplasia Corneal Ulcer Hemivertebrae Legg-Calve Perthes Disease Pug Dog Encephalitis Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) Minor Concerns Dry Eye Allergies

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The Pug-Coton is a hybrid dog, and not much information about its origin is available.

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There is not a lot of maintenance which is required for the Pug-Coton, their log hair is required to be brushed at least thrice a week to prevent them from tangling. They are required to be bathed only occasionally, and after bathing it is recommended to pat dry them rather than rubbing the fur down with a towel, this will prevent from matting in the coat. It is advised to use a mild dog shampoo after consultation with the veterinary physician. Owners need to brush the dog\'s teeth atleast three times a week to avoid tooth decay and bad breath. Trimming of the nails is advised once a month.

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Ideal Environment

This dog does not need a lot of physical activity as they are laid-back in nature. They need a maximum of 30 minutes of activity and exercise daily. Their activities can be in the form of a couple small brisk walks or a visit to the dog park. Being intelligent as they are, they enjoy doing tricks and playing with their toys, this also helps to act as an excellent mental activity for them. In some cases the dog breed may inherit the Pug parents brachycephalic snout, if such is the case, then close attention must be paid to them by the owners, and they must not be allowed to be overexerted. It is always advised to carry water for them when they go on a walk or to the park.

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