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As with all hybrids, the Pug-Zu carries traits from both the mother breed and father breed. Most Pug-Zus look very Pug like. They are more muscular than their Shih-Tzu kin and will have the markings of the Pug. The markings are either fawn (black ears/face with a tan body) or a black color. The most noticeable trait is the flat face that the Pug is renowned for. The Pug-Zus is not a heavy shedding dog and tend to keep their hair like the ShihTzu. They have two coats and the outer layer will grow as long as a Shih Tzu. If the outer layer is separated from the skin, a short Pug like layer is visible. The Pug-Zus tail will be curled but not as tight as a Pug. It will be very similar to the curl of the Shih Tzu. The fur on the tail can grow long and mimic a Shih Tzu.

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Pug-Zus usually have the temperament of the Pug which is family friendly by nature. They are also great with children. They love human interaction and strive to please. They will strive to be the center of attention.

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As tall as a pug male 10 to 12 inches from shoulders. Females tend to be shorter.
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14-25 pounds
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General Health

Pugzus can have grain allergies and stomach problems such as IBD feeding on a high quality grain free food eliminates this.

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The Pug-Zu is known to be a light shedder and will require regular grooming. Be sure to keep the ears clean to avoid infections. It may be a picky eater and prefer variety in its food.

Shedding depends on whether the pugzu takes after the pug or the shihtzu side. My pugzu shed more than my full pug.

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Ideal Environment

The Pug-Zu requires plenty of socialization and exercise. This breed is suited for apartment living and isnt known to bark much.

Can suffer from separation anxiety, pugzus are better with the company of another dog. They like longer walks than pugs which is good as like pugs are prone to weight gain.

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Do pug-zu's shed less than pugs?

Yes, cI have a pug zu and he doesn't shed very much at all.

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