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Pyredoodles are gentle, calm and laid back. They are guardian dogs and will be watchful of their family.

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The Pyredoodle is loyal and loving. Even though they are large dogs, they are very gentle and enjoy being close to their owners. They fair well with children, especially if they have been socialized from birth. They are a little lazy and may be happy with just one walk a day. They are light barkers and normally only bark to call attention to something. They drool, but much less than the St. Bernard.

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24-34 inches
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80-150 pounds
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There isnt any major issues as right now. I just need to know how much i trim her. even if i am supposed at all. I am wondering do i have to trim her? How long should i do before i trim her again or clip her nails? I brush her enough so she would get matts. She is the only dog i have actually paid9 for, and i want her to show her i love her

When questioning the mantaince of a poodle mix groom as needed for a poodle. Brush daily and groom every 4-6 weeks.


As a 'mother' to Daisy, first birthday a day away; don't do what I did. As Daisy is an outdoor/farm dog I left her through her first year with a full coat. Now, in February-when the nights are too cold for clipping I have 65 pounds of dog with a fluffy coat of about 5-6 inches in length and six more weeks before I can do anything with it. Although she is a sweet dog, she doesn't like her hair pulled and gets mouthy when I brush her. A horse's mane and tail brush works better than a dog brush and I have purchased horse clippers as well for the spring clip. As I see it 'today' she will have to be crosstied (with a large collar cinching around her flanks) in the stock trailer in addition to being clipped to her grooming stand. Yes, i have made a point of grooming her from the day I brought her home. She loves baths and jumps readily to her grooming table. Any out there who are ahead of me on the self help grooming, I'm open to ideas.

Lol. This cracks me up. Yes it can be much to hande. They sure have a lot of fur huh? Neither a gp or a poodle can go much of any time without being groomed. And if used for a farmdog it is best to go with a full blooded great Pyrenees as far as their fur goes, as a poodle has hair like a human and will dread and pull at their skin without daily brushes and frequent cuts. Brush your mix daily and cut every four to six weeks longer if their hairgrows on the slow side. I wish I had a pic. I have a pure gp as well and she is extreamly tolerable of cuts. I think the poodle is a little more of a snob. Use a muzzle and be gental. Use leave I conditioner before the brush. And add as needed. Give lots of kisses and treats afterwords and he will get better and better.

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