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The Ratshire Terrier is a cross breed of Yorkshire Terrier and American Rat Terrier. This is an unusual combination but produces small adorable dogs. They are full of energy and chirpy. These goofy little pooches make excellent family pets. The adorable looks and good traits make them appealing, but actually, they are not always an ideal match for everybody. Ratshire Terrier has a medium length and low maintenance coat. The breed has hazel or brown eyes, an alert look and a black nose with a little pointed snout.

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The Ratshi Terrier has a fun loving temperament that is energetic and affectionate.

The Ratshire has a big spirit and big heart dog who is an ideal companion for dog lovers. You will be happy to see chirpy and energetic dogs. However, they do not always get along with toddlers, young kids, and pets but sometimes early exposure and obedience classes can bring this quality. Due to aggravation, they are likely to nip or bite. Their training needs patience as only strict rules, and positive reinforcement can give good impact, and dog can respond properly.

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10-12 inches
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10-12 pounds
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General Health

This mixed breed dog does not have any specific issues but can be affected by the health problems of parents. Generally, the lifestyle and breeding play a vital role in overall being of a pet, but sometimes they suffer from a disease because of hereditary. The common problems include portal caval or portosystemic shunt, elbow dysplasia, tracheal collapse, skin, eye issues, and patellar luxation.

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Ratshire Terrier does not have their history, but the parents Rat Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier are known for a long time. This breed was originated in the last 15 to 30 years in the United States. Rat Terrier was created as good hunting dogs who can hunt rats and vermin above and under the ground. These were popular dogs to work on American Farm. They were noticed for their bravery. The Yorkshire Terrier originated in Yorkshire, England. Initially, they were used for hunting vermin but ended up eventually as lap dogs because of small stature, lovable personality and beauty.

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It is crucial to brush the coat using a metal comb or pin brush regularly, or it can become matt. It is important to brush their neck, ears, tail, underneath and under the legs. The dog should be bathed using mild shampoo and conditioner once or twice a month. This practice keeps the coat, skin healthy, and clean. It is necessary to clean out the ears thoroughly and dry them.

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Ideal Environment

The Ratshi Terrier may not be suited to children in all cases. If children will be present, start socialization from birth.

This breed requires a lot of exercises daily. Atleast one hour of extensive activity is necessary for the Ratshire Terrier. The activity can be outdoor or indoor as they are small and suitable for indoor too. They need to go outside daily for a stretch. The dog feels happy if you make him free to roam around in the yard for some hours a day. They like to spend time with humans too.

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