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The Rattle Griffon is a cross breed of the Rat Terrier and the Brussels. The dog is an excellent combination of alertness and courage. The fine coat will be either smooth or rough. The bright or dark blue eyes are always alert, and the ears are upright. The dog is outgoing and fun loving. Rattle Griffon has a compact, sturdy body with the arched neck. The Rattle Griffon is a perfect watchdog and barks at the stranger.

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The Rattle Griffon inherits behavioral traits from parent the Rat Terrier and the Brussels Griffon. This fun-loving hybrid is energetic. They are easy to train and do well with kids. They will bark at the sign of an intruder. This hybrid dog is loyal to humans and as the parent Brussels Griffon, he is also an attention seeker. The Griffon is always eager to please humans. The dog also enjoys relaxing and lounging with humans.

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8 to 12 inches.
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14 pounds.
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General Health

Some major health concern includes Patellar Luxation, Elbow Dysplasia Bone, Joint Problems, Legg Calve-Perthes diseases, and Heart problems. The minor health issues include allergies, kidney problems, Epilepsy, Color Dilution, Breathing difficulties, Alopecia, and Demodectic Mange.

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This hybrid had originated in Brussels more than 200 years ago. The Griffon has wiry hair; this popular dog is useful for farmers, peasants, and for stopping potential thieves and keeping vermin away. During the 1800s the breeding was done with the pug to create a compact and sturdy build. Over the period, the skills have been bred out, though exhibiting loyalty, bravery, and courage make him a perfect companion. There are three varieties: Belgium Griffon, Brussels Griffon, and Petit Brabancon. The Rat Terrier breed was popular on farms and can hunt above and below the ground. It is the most seen working dogs in the fields. The Rattle Griffon is a perfect combination of courage and loyalty.

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Depending on the inherited coat, the Rattle Griffon requires maintenance. If the Rattle has a coat like the Rat Terrier, then it will be easy to brush and anticipate moderate shedding. Brushing regularly will keep the home and furniture neat. The Rattle Griffon may also inherit the coat of Brussels Griffon that will be smooth and rough. This rough coat will be maintained by regular brushing. Stripping is also needed every three months. Bath is needed occasionally and when needed. Brushing the teeth several times a week is a good practice as there is a possibility to develop gum diseases more likely in small breeds.

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Ideal Environment

The Rattle Griffon is energetic, so requires runs or long walks with the human companion. The dog likes to play outdoors and trips to the park. It is important to keep the dog mentally stimulated and busy. The Rattle Griffon enjoys outdoor activities as well. The breed can spend time indoors and enjoy the good amount of indoor activities too.

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