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The Rottaf is created by cross-breeding the Rottweiler and the Afghan Hound. This large dog has a dense, silky, and short coat that does not require excessive grooming. The Rottaf is an active dog with a somewhat reserved nature and not friendly with kids. The dog may inherit any one of the colors such as tan and black, white, and black. The Rottaf can be black or brown all over. Like the Rottweiler, he may have tan markings above his eyes. The dog has a muscular build with a deep and broad chest. The ears are medium length and may have feathering on his ears and legs.

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The Rottaf is accustomed to kids with proper socialization and training; however, strangers cannot be escaped by his investigation. He makes an excellent watchdog. The training requires patience, as some extra time will be required to make him fully trained. He is energetic and playful. Sensitive, loyal, and affectionate are some other qualities. The Rottaf can be overly protective and even entertaining and clownish. The breed suffers from separation anxiety if left alone for a long time.

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up to 95lbs
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General Health

The breed has no specific health issues but can inherit from the parent. The health concerns include Bone cancer, heart problems, bloating, hypothyroidism, eye problems, cancer, joint dysplasia, allergies, and pano. Occasional tests are required to know the health issues.

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There is not much information regarding this rare dog breed. By examining the history of parents, much information can be obtained for any dog breed. The Rottweiler, a descended from Molossus, and a parent hails from Germany. He is a mastiff-type popular as a war dog of Romans. Rottweilers used to herd cattle, but when the railroad came into existence instead of cattle drives on foot, the Rottweiler became extinct. Again in 1901, a breed standard established as the Rottweiler and Leonberger club was founded. The Afghan Hound, a parent, hails from Afghanistan and is one of the ancient dog breeds that is about 2000 years old. The famous Zeppo Marx brought the first Afghans to the United States. The dog is famous for its depiction as a Barbie doll dog beauty.

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In the way of maintenance, the Rottaf does not require much. It is sufficient to brush him once in a week to get rid of excessive hair. During fall and spring, he may shed more and require two to three times brushing during this period. It is essential to make the grooming a habit as the Rottweiler; a parent is sensitive to touch. It is important to brush his teeth regularly to avoid tartar buildup, bad breath, and tooth decay. Trimming the nails is necessary every two or three weeks.

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Ideal Environment

The Rottaf is a moderately active dog and does well in a fenced yard. The fencing must be over six feet to make sure that he does not escape from the yard by jumping the fence. The Afghan, a parent, runs with high speed outside the fence, and it becomes impossible to catch him. The park may not be the best place for the Rottaf. His personality is not suitable to remain around strange dogs all the time. Ample exercise maintains the health and keeps him busy, so he may not indulge in mischievous activities.

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