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How much should rottermans eat?

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always check the back of your dog food bag and pick the size of your dog and feed it as they tell you


Yah i feed mine according to his weight, and puppies should eat 3 times a day on a routine, then you'll notice a poop schedule develop Lol! an when they hit a year drop the lunch feeding but keep the portions according to the weight of your dog, usually ill mix in 1/8 of a wet food to the dry food just to help keep his coat nice :) Also! try to avoide fillers in food., corn an grains will go right thru your dog so it would be pooping more basically... it will want to eat more and it just won't be getting what it needs, get a good natural food with no filler an your dog will be getting all the nutrition an proteins from the food and if you get it in a routine with feeding you WILL notice your dog will get regular with its poops.

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