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The Rustralian Terrier is a hybrid of Jack Russell terrier and the Australian terrier. The breed has a double coat with different textures like smooth, rough and broken. The outer coat is longer, and the inner coat is shorter and denser. The outer coat is hard and wiry that protects the breed from external elements, whereas undercoat provides relief from extreme temperatures. The coat colors vary from white to shades of blue or red with black or tan markings.

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The Rustralian terrier is lively, affectionate, protective, and loyal. A person should be ready to work hard if he wants to own this dog due to high activity requirements. This is an actively working dog that does not thrive constantly cooped up or lounging indoors. This dog loves fun activity, running and playing in a securely fenced area. Rustralian terrier shows aggressiveness towards other male dogs. It is important to watch pets and other animals when Rustralian terrier is around. They need to participate in agility courses and vigorous games to keep stimulated.

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10-12 inches
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11-15 lbs
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General Health

The breed does not have any specific issue but inherited certain diseases from the parents. The major health issues include Lens Luxation, Patellar Luxation, and Legg-Calve Perthes Disease. The minor problems include Allergies and Deafness.

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The Rustralian terrier is a hybrid dog whose parents are Jack Russell Terrier and Australian Terrier. The Australian Terrier is related to English ancestral breeds who were working dogs and brought to Australia. Australian Terrier used to kill vermin and snakes around farms and households. Jack Russell Terrier was developed for a fox hunt.

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To prevent mat and to keep the coat in order, it is required to brush them twice a week. They have water resistant coat so it is advisable not to over wash them as it may develop allergies due to insufficiency of natural oils. Use mild shampoo and conditioner in this process. These are highly active and are prone to be injured out of curiosity, so make sure to check for any cuts and sores to prevent them from infection also check their ears and eyes. Trimming their nails is also a necessary task of their grooming.

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Ideal Environment

Like most of the terriers, the Rustralian Terrier is also energetic, curious, and lively. They love to spend time in the park. These dogs are small but behave like big ones, so need supervision. This little powerhouse destroys and tosses the toys around them. Rustralian Terrier joins the family game whether invited or not. They love to actively participate in every activity going around; they like to curl on the lap and need pampering and bonding. It is important to vary their training routine as they get it boring to practice the same every day. They are adaptable and live well in an apartment as well as home with a yard that is fenced but also needs daily work and other activities to burn extra energy.

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