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The Saint Berdoodle is a mixed breed that is a cross between the Poodle and the Saint Bernard. Like many hybrid breeds, the Saint Berdoodle has become popular in the last few years as a designer breed. The Saint Berdoodle typically has features from both the Poodle and the Saint Bernard breed. This breed of dog typically has the size of the Saint Bernard but will typically have a Poodle coat.

As a result of inheriting its coat from the Poodle the Saint Berdoodle will usually not shed very at all, if any. For this reason, the Saint Berdoodle is considered to be a very good dog for people who are prone to allergies and need a dog that is hypo-allergenic.

For the most part, a Saint Berdoodle will be white with red markings, although there are some cases where the reverse will be true and the Saint Berdoodle will have a red coat with white markings.

The Saint Berdoodle may be a first generation or a second generation dog, like many hybrid breeds. A first generation Saint Berdoodle is the result of breeding a purebred Saint Bernard and Poodle. A second generation Saint Berdoodle is produced by breeding two Saint Berdoodles. Due to the fact that the Saint Berdoodle is a mixed breed and is not a purebred, it is not usually able to be registered with purebred registries. There are some hybrid registries that will now register hybrids.

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The Saint Berdoodle's combination of intelligence and limited supply of energy make it the star in group training classes. They are eager to perform then follow up with a brief nap. Overall while it needs regular exercise, they are quick to tire out and may need several breaks during the day.

The temperament of this breed of dog tends to be affectionate and loving. This is definitely a dog that likes to be the center of attention and prefers to be close to its family. It develops a strong family bond and does not like to be apart from the family for long periods of time. The Saint Berdoodle gets along well with children and will be patient with them. In addition, this breed will also get along well with other pets, especially if it has been socialized at an early age. Its affectionate nature allows the Saint Berdoodle to be a good choice for almost any family of any age, including children and the elderly, provided that there is someone in the home who can manage their massive size.

The Saint Berdoodle is considered to be an intelligent dog; a trait which it takes from both the Poodle as well as the Saint Bernard. Its intelligence allows it to take well to training.

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24-30 inches

24-30 inches
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110-200 pounds

110-200 pounds
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General Health

The Saint Berdoodle does not have any serious health issues that are known at this time. Like many hybrid breeds, this dog tends to take the best from both breeds and does not usually suffer from health problems that are often present in the Poodle or the Saint Bernard breeds. Although it is not usually a serious issue, the Saint Berdoodle will usually need to have its ears and eyes checked frequently to check for possible infections. Prospective owners who are concerned about health issues should thoroughly check the health histories of the parents to be sure the dog is not susceptible to possible problems. On average, they live 10 to 12 years.

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The Saint Berdoodle originated in the United States and was bred specifically to bring out the best of both breeds. It has become very popular in the last few years as a designer breed.

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The Saint Berdoodle is a large breed and as a result will require more exercise than would be needed among smaller breeds. As a result, it is necessary for this dog to be taken out for a daily walk. Generally, the Saint Berdoodle will not need a significant amount of grooming. Brushing on a regular basis can help with shedding if the dog has inherited a Saint Bernard coat. Generally, the dog will only need to be washed when necessary or about once per month. This breed will need to have its ears and eyes checked on a regular basis to reduce the chance for infection.

When provided with proper care and regular check-ups the Saint Berdoodle tends to have a life expectancy of about 12 years.

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Ideal Environment

Saint Berdoodles should be in an environment with a master that is able to handle their large size. It is usually a good idea to provide this dog with early training, especially with a leash to minimize problems. Saint Berdoodles are intelligent dogs and they love to learn. As a result, they will usually take to training well.

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Saint Bernards seem to drool and slobber a lot. Does that same characteristic carry over to the Saint Berdoodle?

I have a 17 week old Saint Berdoodle and so far, no drooling! Join our Saint Berdoodle Community Facebook page! We have several other older Saint Berdoodle pups whose 'parents' report little to no drooling either.

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