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The Schipper –Poo is a mix of a Schipperke and a Poddle. This goofy pooch is energetic, loving, and playful. Like the entire mixed breed Schipper- Poo also inherits traits from parent breeds. The small dog has a sturdy body with medium to long soft fur. The Schipper-Poo may have amber or brown eyes and brown or black nose with the narrow

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A little Schipper-Poo is a combination of energetic, loyal Schipperke and intelligent Poodle. This breed is friendly with kids as well as strangers, so it makes an excellent, non-guard dog addition to the family. For apartment dwellers, this dog makes a perfect pick. Schipper –Poo can be mischievous when left alone and thrives for human companionship. The dog loves to get affection and attention. He is somewhat a troublemaker as inherited by the Schipperke. This hybrid does well with other dog and humans. This makes it a wonderful pet for a family with kids and other animals.

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13-20 inches
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10-20 pounds
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General Health

The major health issues related to this breed include Mitral Valve Disease, Eye Problems, Addison\'s disease, and Sebaceous Adenitis. Certain minor issues include Corneal Dystrophy, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Entropion, and Epilepsy.

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The Schipper –Poos originates back in the 1980s. During this period, the breeders begin to mix two pure-bred dogs to create puppy with ideal dominating traits from each of them. They mix two breeds to create a smaller, hypo-allergenic, gentler and healthy hybrid. The parent breed of Schipper-Poo has long stories. The Schipperke was mainly a watchdog, and it became popular after Queen Marie Henriette had attended one of the Brussels show. In 1888, the breed was imported to the United States. The Poodle is one of the oldest and well-known breeds. In Germany, this breed began as a combination of several North African Barbet and the European breeds. It is also thought that cross-breeding Poodles created the Poodle\'s smaller versions.

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Depending on the coat, Schipper-Poo requires maintenance. This is an average shedding dog that requires occasional bathing. However, grooming is recommended daily. This is a typically clean breed that emits a slight odor and requires to bath when getting into something dirty and smelly. To keep the surroundings overwhelmed by discarded hair, it is necessary to brush his hair several times a week. When he sheds, more than giving a warm water bath can help to remove excess hair by brushing. The breed may have tear stains around his eyes so wiping it daily using warm water can clear them. Brushing his teeth and trimming of nails is also important on a weekly basis. This is a medium sized dog that is prone to obesity. Thus the food should be according to his age, size, and activity that he does daily. He also suffers from digestive issues, so low fat, and nutrient-rich food is needed that are free from fillers. It is recommended to feed this dog two to three meals every day.

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Ideal Environment

The activity requirements depend on the traits that the dog inherits from the parents. As this is an energetic dog, a lot of exercises is required on a daily basis. A leash is important during a walk as this dog chases everything he encounters on the way of ignoring your calls. As he like human companionship, the Schipper-Poo enjoys walks and family outings.

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