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Schneagle is a mixed breed of the Beagle and the Schnauzer and resembles the look of the dominant parent breed. He inherits short hair from Beagle and may own a variety of colors on his body. Sometimes, he can be black and tan, with long blonde locks of hair and sometimes he can be black all over the body with a blend of tan markings. He can also have white markings all over his chest and stomach. He has dark eyes in large round shape. This canine has a long tail with a curved tip, and his body varies in size. The body weight varies from seven to twenty pounds depending upon its size.

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This breed is well mannered, friendly, playful and alert.

The Schneagle is a lively canine with a blend of sweet and playful nature. He enjoys the company of his loved ones and feels pleasured while socializing with humans and animals. This loyal canine is highly intelligent, attentive, and alert, making it easy for owners to trust him. The most important thing is that he loves to be part of his family and never like to live alone. Once he sought to become your friend, he will start following you from one room to another, and one corner to another. Well, mostly this adorable canine is friendly and energetic, but sometimes it can show his stubborn. Patience and persistence is the only tool that can help to reach the heart of Schneagle.

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6-11 inches
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15-25 pounds
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General Health

This breed may inherit cataracts and heart problems from the Schnauzer.

Schneagle gets affected due to Patellar Luxation, Distichiasis, Cherry Eye, Glaucoma, Hip Dysplasia, Invertebral Disc Disease. They require a proper diagnosis of ear infection and Beagle Dwarfism. It is essential to examine them through X-rays, eye-examination, and physical examination of the full body.

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Schneagle is a hybrid dog, a cross between the Beagle Dog and the Schnauzer. To know about the beginning of the Schneagle, we need to go back in history and look into the past of its parent breed. One of the parents is Beagle, who is a traditional hunting dog and was used for hunting, although due to their short legs, they were not very fast in it. After Beagle was imported to America; hunters started breeding it with smaller hunting canine to minimize their size. The other parent is a Miniature Schnauzer, which is a born hunter. They used to hunt rats and guard farms. This breed resulted from interbreeding the Miniature Pinscher, the Schnauzer, the Poodle, and the Affenpinscher. The first ever Schnauzer born was a female named Findel 1888.

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Schneagle is among that canine that remains healthy and fit even after low maintenance and less grooming. In case, these canines owe long hairs; they require proper care and regular grooming. Shedding level of these canines depends upon the dominant parent breed that is Beagle who sheds more disregarding the period. On the other hand, the Miniature Schnauzer sheds less at any given time of the year. Well, if observed, in case the Schneagle inherit the genetics of Miniature Schnauzer, he will get hypoallergenic and will require brushing in every second week. If he inherits the genes of Beagle, he requires weekly brushing to remove the excess hair. Bathing is important at least once a month. Protect his teeth from building up tartar and bad breath by brushing them two to three times every week. Make sure to trim the nails once in a month before they grow too long and break down hurting your canine.

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Ideal Environment

The Schneagle is suited for apartment living but will require frequent exercise. Several leash walks a day and off leash time at a park should provide sufficient exercise.

Schneagle is a dog with different mood sets in a day varying with the treatment he receives from the close ones. At a time he can show all his laziness with a mood to do nothing, especially when someone allows to do so. On the other hand, if encouraged to show some spirit and excitement, he will get ready to join you for a walk. He is a great companion for other dogs and turns out to be good for a trip. Well, the real place for Schneagle is his family, where he enjoys spending time. If he is left or taken far from the family or his dear ones, he will suffer separation anxiety. In reality, he is an energetic canine and to keep him so; it’s good to gift him an active toy, that will make him play physically. In such mood sets, he will get ready to go for a walk around the neighborhood. Schneagle enjoys short span of playful activity that you can ask him to go along with interesting exercises.

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How long does it normally take to house break a schneagle?

This breed wants to please you very much, The trick to any training, Is to understand the wants and needs of eachother, Remember their bladders are small, they will have to go more frequent than you, So go out often, Ask. Do you have to T T? Then praise them when they do and say T T while they are doing it, And do Boo Boo same way. If you smoke, Bring little fella out everytime you smoke. My son potty trained his like that.

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