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im have been thinking about looking into purchasing a schoodle. the reason is because i like both breeds that go into a schnoodle and with that am looking for a companion to go on walks with and play with. i am also interested in being able to have my dog off of a leash and be trained to not run away. Is this the right breed for me?

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Absolutely! I have a schnoodle. He is able to take walks of up to 3 miles. When he gets tired, he has a tendency to nose the back of July leg. This happens infrequently around 2.& miles or when he is due a haircut and its warm outside. He loves to play...ours plays hide and seek, chances ice cubes, army crawls under sofas for balls etc. He is a lit of fun. J trained my dog to return on a whistle. It took about a week and periodic reminders with cheese and praise. But now he can be really far away and hear the whistle and come running g. We also grained him to relieve himself in our mulchbeds...a leash and a companion for about 4 months did the trick. He is now and only poops in our mulch beds still...saving us from lawn bombs with the kids. He us a great dog. Only issue is that because he is so playful, he tends to think all dogs are friends and has gone over to play in a neighbors yard only to get roughed up by neighbor dogs.

I have a neutered male Schnoodle age 3 years. Got him as a six weeks old puppy. While he is the best dog ever in all kinds of ways, listening to voice commands when running free is NOT one of his big talents. They are smart, playful, balls of energy and loving little things and well worth your love. That said; mine was easy to house train and taught easy tricks (Sitting, roll over, shake hands and stay, coming on command outside is a bit of a different story. These dogs are very stubborn at times and if his nose finds something more to do than return to you on command, that something wins everytime. But thank God they are returners. I live in the country in the woods and mine has a large place to roan and sometimes he will. They are loyal, sometimes clingy and always up to being held and loved. I love my Schnoodle and can't see not having him in my life.

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